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Tools of Your Passion


Successfully styling your place takes introspection. If you acknowledge you don’t know what you’re doing, be conservative in the overall look. Don’t buy stuff for the sake of having stuff. Buy and show things in your home that are meaningful to you. Your passions convey character.

If your passion is motorcycles (whether you own one or not), pick up a vintage helmet to place on top of a table or cabinet. Print photos of your favorite classic bikes in black and white, frame them in simple black frames, and hang on the wall or set on a table next to that helmet.

If your passion is golf, fill a beautiful silver bowl with balls or tees on a table, lay a vintage driver on your mantel or a shelf.

If your passion is SCUBA, hang a spear gun on the wall. Frame a small picture of Jacques Cousteau and place it on a table with a head of coral next to a picture book of the sea.

Regardless of what items you display, they should have some general characteristics: The items should have some history. Older or vintage items with a patina from use and/or a specific pedigree (handed down from a previous generation, given to you by someone special, etc.) makes them authentic and more interesting.

Surround yourself with meaningful things to admire. They represent your identity to  guests, invite passionate conversation, and make your home a more unique and enjoyable environment.