Trophy_ApartmentAlthough I would never use the term #TrophyApartment, I’ve had clients seek my help with this specific request. I’ve designed my share of extravagant high-end homes, but they never say “Trophy Apartment”, they just say “home”. I’m not judging the #TrophyApartment-seeker, in fact, I enjoy working with them. Typically they’ve never used a designer before but just earned their first big bonus, or they just sold their company. They are successful, often self-made guys with active social lives but they live with a futon on the floor and a mashup of odd furniture left over from roommates, relatives, and ex-girlfriends. They live like hobos with Rolexes. And they’re ready to make their place represent their success. So they call me.

Before I can hand him a “trophy”, we must first address the basics:

  • He needs a real bed and the furniture that supports its function (bedside tables, reading lights, storage).
  • He needs somewhere comfortable and appropriate to sit (that is not the bed) where he can relax or entertain.
  • He needs somewhere functional and pleasant to dine and/or work (that is not the bed).

Often this type of project is space planning and buying furniture with minimal to no construction.

When addressing these basics, I incorporate his CHARACTER into the direction of furniture style and the layout (space planning). My design direction will improve how his space serves him, and most importantly, reflect HIS personality, attitude, and lifestyle.  Depending on his tastes, I incorporate appropriate luxurious and masculine finishes. He may agree to indulge on investment pieces of furniture or art he really responds to (often for the first time in his life) which I will incorporate into the design.

The luxurious finishes and indulgent purchases are what the client usually identifies as the “trophy” part of his space. But in my opinion, having him live in a beautifully functional space that represents his individuality is the ultimate prize.


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